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This blog is meant to start my journey as a writer. It will have a wide range of topics I am passionate about. As always, blogs are opinion-based and my posts will generally have links to back those opinions and facilitate learning. If you like what you see, keep reading!

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Hallowed Memories

I was in the midst of my growing years. It was just a few months before I’d learn how to multiply, how to give a eulogy. All of the kids and grandkids were loading up and driving to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. My cousins drove thousands of miles to meet us there, but my family… Continue Reading →

An Open Letter to the School

To Whomever has a Hand in These Decisions; During Spring Break 2020 you were forced to make a tough decision. We all had to make tough decisions. Your students went home confused and frustrated. We had no idea what the next six months would bring, but we knew they would be full of tough decisions…. Continue Reading →

Believe in the Hashtag

When scrolling through my social media feed I see posts about how Black Lives Matter wants to “destroy the nuclear family” and attempts to discredit their leader. I see people fighting against an organization rather than fighting for equality. It’s infuriating. You don’t have to stand with the organization to follow the hashtag. Let’s start… Continue Reading →

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